Asheville Forest School is a registered 501C3 start-up.  We're building on the courage of our teachers, volunteers, and donors who resonate with these core ideas:

Outdoor, interest-based, exploratory learning is holistically beneficial to the young child. Physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills are all nurtured in a way that works with the way children naturally develop at their own pace.  


Profound experiences of nature connection at young ages also awaken deep love and respect for our Earth and its deeply interwoven web of life. These children later become advocates for the environment and begin building sustainable human communities. This work is vitally important both for our children and for our planet.

Our success depends on donors like you!

We are also partnered with AmazonSmile, keyword Forest School Foundation. By adding us as your chosen charity, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of  the purchase price of any eligible item that you buy. It's easy to help Asheville Forest School simply by  doing the shopping you would have done anyway!

Thank you for your generous contribution!

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